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Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession directed at returning the client to pre-injury level, and promotion a healthy lifestyle. Physiotherapy is a primary care,  autonomous, client-focused health profession profession dedicated to ...

We specialize in treating acute attacks of dizziness (Vertigo), chronic balance disturbances and motion sickness.  Our highly trained licensed Physiotherapists have completed training in the assessment and treatment of vestibular disorders ...

Advanced cervical and lumbar discal lesions have been the bane of healthcare for many years.  Many of the conditions are too acute to manually  help and offer the clinician too many challenges - ranging from chronic pain and depression ...


Welcome to Great Lakes Rehabilitation and our related services. The Ontario Balance Centre (OBC), specializes in the treatment of Vertigo and Balance disturbances and The Ontario Spinal Institute (OSI). offers spinal decompression for the neck and low back. We offer many other rehabilitation related services such as Physiotherapy, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, massage therapy, bracing and custom orthotics and so much more.

Our clinic is located in Simcoe (17 Talbot Street North, Simcoe, Ontario)

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Simcoe Clinic

17 Talbot Street North

Simcoe, Ontario N3Y 3W5

519.429.3678 - PHONE

519.429.3405 - FAX


Ontario Balance Centre

Ontario Spinal Institute

Great Lakes Physiotherapy Provides;

We offer a full range of services by highly-trained, experienced, therapists.

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• Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

• Acupuncture

• Physiotherapy

• Vertigo

• Spinal Decompression

** Concussion Care Coming Soon **

Great Lakes Rehabilitation

Great Lakes Rehabilitation located in Simcoe, ON - 17 Talbot Street North   Read more

In Memoriam

Jeff Scott - Founder

1970 – 2020